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Have you always loved discorving new music? What if the newest independent artists could be found all

in one place? In whatever media format you choose! However you want it delivered!

TheFixxMusic.Com is a multi branded company devoted to independent artists and musicians. We help with media production, media distrubution, artist networking, marketing, and much more.... our brands include:

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Awaken Your Music Network


Awaken Your Music Network can deliver the lastest music from local and regional artists in all your favorite mediums! Online Articles, PDF Magazine download, internet radio, and internet television. All provided through our safe custom apps aquired through IOS Store, Google Play, Playstation Network, Google Cromecast, Roku, and an ever growing list!

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New Scene News


 "New Scene News" represents the underground talent pool of the greater St Louis region. It features the most note worthy names in urban entertainment and community. "New Scene News" has branded its self over many media platforms via radio,websites,print,social media and soon video blogs. Stay tuned as exciting new talent surfaces in the show me state "New Scene News" will be there to cover the story!!!  St. Louis is a vibrant city and full of entertainment from talents born and raised right here in our hometown. Join us as we cover the nightlife the festivals the community events and shine a light on the individuals that make this all possible.  New Scene News gives you an added all access pass to celebrity interviews as they tour the Mid-West or simply want to share their take on the thriving local market in St Louis. Thank you so much for reading and please subscribe!

Sales Solution Mastermind


Sales Solutions have always been difficult. Traditionally saturation marketing is the go to move for trying to get your message out. Printing thousands, tens of thousands, and even millions of ads in hopes of triggering a high respond rate.

Let's face it.. This is industrial age marketing, relying on a less than %10 response rate for your sales solutions IS INEFFECTIVE compared to the fast-paced world of the internet.

We analyze your business and target markets to develop a high-impact sales plan for your business. We use combination offline and online marketing as well as our own unique and trusted networks to drive interested consumers to you!

Thanks to the success of our own brand of performance marketing are now ready to sell the business of you... Welcome to the future economy!

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